MOTWANE DM352 Heavy Duty Multimeter

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About this item

This is 3 ½ digit industrial grade average digital multimeter powered by single 9V battery which is heavy duty shock. dust and drop proof fully protected on all voltage, current and resistance ranges against accidental overload voltages. upto 415 V AC with unique basic accuracy of 0.25% on DC voltage. Heavy-duty shock, dust and drop proof.
Model No.
Digital Multimeter
3½ digit
DC Voltage Range (Volts)
200mV - 1000V
AC Voltage Range (Volts)
200mV to 1000V
DC Current Range (Amp)
200µA - 10A
AC Current Range (Amp)
200µA - 10A
Resistance Range (Ohm)
200 Ω - 20MΩ
Pair of test leads,Instruction Manual and 9V Battery.
Power Input
6F22/216(9V) x 1
100×45×180 mm
Weight (gms)
500 g

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