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SPARK Digital AC Clamp Meter

SPARK SIS 25C is 3 1/2 digital clamp meter is a portable handheld Clamp meter with the steady performance, safety, reliability and with full functions. The instrument has a unique and more attractive outline for convenient operation. The instrument is designed with high-performance A/D converter and high-grade SMD components. All the measuring ranges have overload protection. AC current is measured through the clamp jaw with four ranges of 2000mA, 20A, 200A, 600A.The rest input through the test lead and can test AC Voltage, DC Voltage, Resistance, Diode and Continuity

Key Features :

  • Measurement principle: Double integration A/D transform.
  • Manual Range Select
  • Measurement speed: 2.5~3 times/sec
  • Polarity display: it displays "-" as inputting negative polarity.
  • Overloading display: only 1 appears on the display screen.
  • Data hold function: “ H ” is shown on the top of LCD.
  • Low battery display: it displays on the left of LCD

  • Please Note: Product may differ (eg. colour) from the product Image displayed on the website. Kindly check the technical specifications provided in the description to make a better purchase decision.

    Product Specifications

    Type of Product 
    Model No.
    SIS 25C
    Digital AC Clamp Meter
    3½ Digits LCD Display
    Display Counts
    Jaw Opening Size
    25 mm
    DC Voltage Range
    0-600 V
    DC Voltage Accuracy
    ±(1.2 % + 2 Digits)
    AC Current Range
    2000 mA-600 A
    AC Current Accuracy
    ±(3.0 % + 5 Digits)
    AC Current Resolution
    1 mA / 10 mA / 0.1 A / 1 A
    AC Voltage Range
    0-600 V
    AC Voltage Accuracy
    ±(2.0 % + 5 Digits)
    Resistance Range
    0-2000 O
    Resistance Accuracy
    ±(2.0 % + 5 Digits)
    Two 1.5 V Batteries
    Operating Environment
    5° to 45°C
    Storage Environment
    -10° to 50°C
    140 g
    170x65x27 mm
    User Manual's , Test Leads , Battery 2 x 1.5V
    Max. DC Voltage Range
    0-600 V
    Max. AC Current Range
    401-600 A
    Max. AC Voltage Range
    0-600 V

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