HTC Instrument DM-86 Digital Multimeter

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About this item

A multi meter is a handy tool that is used to measure electricity, just like as a ruler is used to estimate distance, a stopwatch to assess time or a scale to measure weight. The HTC digital multi meter can be used to measure voltages, currents and resistances and is equipped with a knob on the front that allows the operator to select what he wants to measure.

The digital multimeter is also equipped with a diode check function. When working with a diode, it can get quite tricky to understand as to which way the current goes through within it and whether the diode is working properly or not. The diode check feature can be quite handy in such instances.


  • 3½ Digital Multi meter
  • No Power-OFF under natural operation
  • Full protection in all ranges
  • NCV Test
  • Diode check 
  • Transistors testing 
  • Display3½ Digit LCD Display
    AC Voltage Range200mV to 750V
    AC Voltage Accuracy±(0.8%+5)
    DC Voltage Range200mV - 1000 V
    DC Voltage Accuracy±(0.5% + 4)
    AC Current Range200μA - 20 A
    AC Current Accuracy±(1.5% + 5digit)
    DC Current Accuracy±(1.0% + 5)
    DC Current Range (Amp)200µA - 20 A
    Resistance Range (Ohm)0-20 MΩ
    Resistance Accuracy±(0.8% + 1)
    Temperature Range(C)-40° to 1000°C
    Temperature Accuracy±(1.0% + 5)
    Continuity BuzzerApprox. < 30Ω ± 10Ω
    IncludesTest Leads, Holster, Temp. Probe, Manual
    Power Input9 V (6F22) Battery
    Type of ProductDigital Multimeter
    Dimensions170X86X35 mm
    Model NoDM-86

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