Kusam Meco KM 928 MK1 Digital Sound Level Meter

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About this item

Kusam Meco 928 MK 1is a unique and innovative technological advancement. This particular meter is is a unique and advanced digital sound level meter for the noise engineers, noise quality control experts and other professionals who measure and analyse sound/ noise. It can be used to measure the level of sound in a factory, a road, at a household or any other noisy place.

The KM 928 MK 1 sound- device has the ability to measure the sound at a measuring range of 30 ~ 130 dBA, 35 ~ 130 dBC. It has high accuracy level. The results are reliable and accurate. The resolution is 0.1 dB. The display of this device is upto five digits display. The frequency response of this measuring device is 31.5Hz ~ 8.5KHz. Its measuring levels are 30 ~ 130, 40 ~ 90, 50 ~ 100, 60 ~ 110, 80 ~ 130. The frequency weighting of this device are A & C.

The device is equipped with Low battery indication feature.

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