Motwane M42 - 4000 Count TRMS Multimeter

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About this item

Specially designed in our research laboratory & manufactured under stringent manufacturing processes for Service Industries, SMEs, OEMs and Educational Institutes. M42 is the most reliable & efficient measuring instrument with CE, CAT III & IP54 certification along with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards and a standard warranty.
Selectable frequency and duty cycle measurement.
SELECT, RANGE, HOLD/LIGHT, REL, MAX/MIN measurement facility.
40 position Analog bar graph for trend indication.
Highly linear Readings
Robust, rugged & Dust proof case.
Compatible with Motwane HV-40 AC/DC high voltage probe to measure voltage up to 40KV AC rms/DC
Pair of Test Leads.
Battery installed - 9V.
User Manual.
Calibration Certificate traceable to National standards
Spare fuses.
Input impedance: 1000MO
Division ratio: 10^5 :1 (in to 10MO)
Range: 1KV to 40KV
DC accuracy: ±5%
Length: 350mm

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